Filament winding is a controlled, automated process in which fiber rovings are pulled from large spools through a polymeric resin and wound upon a mandrel. The orientation and tension of the fiber can also be carefully controlled so that successive layers are applied or oriented differently from previous layer. The winding requirements are programmed and managed using specially designed winding software. Once the winding is complete, the part and tool are cured to a specific computer controlled heat cycle, which solidifies the composite part.

Expert Composite Filament Winding Environments in Southern California

If your company depends on specific environmental specifications to ensure the quality of your COPV (composite overwrapped pressure vessel) or other composite filament winding application our HVAC services can help you by designing, installing and maintaining the controlled environment to fit your needs. How? It is a straight forward issue of experience:  We know that composite filament winding resin polymers can rely heavily on maintaining a static environment for quality adhesion.  We have experience designing systems to maintain your specific temperature and humidity specs effectively and reliably.

Why COPV Lab Experience Matters

Temperature variations outside of your measured control specifications can cost you time, wasted product, money and potentially the ability to maintain existing or acquire new clients.  The Cutting Edge Services team understands the science behind the process as well as the ISO standards that you need to achieve to maintain your quality standards.  Our team has installed specialized HVAC, refrigeration and heating systems for winding applications in aerospace, manufacturing and other industries.

  • Support with design:  We consult with you and work with you through to construction, commissioning of your application environment.  If your spec changes we will be there to assist you with the adjustment.
  • Preventative maintenance:  It is vital that your application environment be completely functional at all times. We can be your in-house HVAC expert techs to service your application environment equipment on a regular basis. See our maintenance programs. Our maintenance programs include testing and certification strategies to ensure proper maintenance and operation of your system.
  • Evaluation:  Analyzing how the equipment we install and maintain interacts with the surrounding systems.
  • Certification:  Our comprehensive testing and certification services help you stay ISO (International Organization for Standardization) compliant and to ensure that your environment meets the needs of your company.

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